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Will Chiefs' Ron Edwards Have Any Suitors In Free Agency?

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We haven't seen free agency yet as we continue to wait for a ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the future of the NFL lockout. When the lockout is lifted and football is back, free agency will come.

So whenever that is, I'm wondering if Kansas City Chiefs NT Ron Edwards, who will be a free agent, will have any suitors. He'll turn 32 years old in July so his age would suggest he wouldn't be a hot commodity on the open market. But he can play nose tackle, which is a fairly high-profile position these days with the popularity of the 3-4 defense.

I was reading a story about San Francisco 49ers NT Aubrayo Franklin and how much he'll cash in when free agency hits. The reasoning for his high price tag is that there simply aren't many potential 3-4 nose tackles available and he's clearly the best on the market.

Edwards played the position last year and did it fairly well. The Chiefs drafted a future nose tackle in Jerrell Powe so, while having Edwards in 2011 would be nice, it's not as dire of a need as it once was. If anything, the Chiefs may hope to keep him on board for a year or two while Powe adjusts to the pro game. Plus, the Chiefs also have NT Anthony Toribio under contract so it's not as if they don't have options, even if there's little experience there.

Several teams are still in need of a nose tackle and it makes me wonder if Edwards will have a few teams trying to bring him to town. I can't imagine the Chiefs get into a bidding war with anyone and with Edwards on the final few years of his career he would be wise to take the money.

What's your prediction on Ron Edwards returning to the Chiefs? I think right now I would guess he'd be back but that could change if multiple teams are interested in him.

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