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Figuring Out Denver Broncos Quarterback Situation

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The AFC West quarterback situation is pretty much set with the exception of the Denver Broncos. They have yet to decide on who the quarterback will be in 2011 picking between QB Tim Tebow, QB Kyle Orton and QB Brady Quinn. What brought me the idea for this post is that the Broncos brass said Quinn is still in the mix to become the starter.

The rest of the West is set: San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers, Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell and of course Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel.

And for the Broncos....

QB Tim Tebow: Normally I'd say a first round quarterback has to be the starter in a situation like this but Tebow's not a normal situation. I get the impression a good chunk of Broncos fans want him to be the starter but it's hard to ignore that he's completed only half of his 82 career passing attempts. He brings an added dimension with his running ability but the quarterback situation is so much more than that. I think the best case scenario for Chiefs fans is that Tebow turns out to be similar to QB Vince Young.

QB Kyle Orton: The question with him of course is whether he'll be traded. He's due over $8 million in 2011 so I can't imagine he's the backup quarterback with that salary. The problem with a trade is that several quarterback-needy teams drafted one a couple weeks ago so I'm not sure where he fits. I could see him as a stop-gap while a rookie sits on the bench but, as for his future in Denver, it doesn't look very good.

QB Brady Quinn: And for the wildcard, Quinn hasn't been ruled out as a starter. The Broncos brass say he's in the mix to be the starting quarterback. This may sound a little crazy but I don't think Quinn has been given a fair chance in the NFL. He has just 14 career starts so I think it's still possible he succeeds. His stats from college suggest he should be a good NFL starter.

As a Chiefs fan, I want them to pick Tebow because I think he's the least polished out of all of these guys. If I'm the Broncos, though, I think long and hard about starting Quinn, assuming Orton is traded.