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Chatting With Kansas City Chiefs Draft Pick Jalil Brown

I spoke to Kansas City Chiefs fourth round pick CB Jalil Brown this week and gave him the best advice he'll receive all year: get the Z-man from Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue.

Here are just a few highlights of our conversation while I prepare some more stories:
-He isn't sure when he's getting out to Kansas City but if the lockout goes on he'll be out here working out with others. He mentioned getting some workouts in with some of the guys at some point but there aren't any hard plans to do so.

-He asked to wear No. 30.

-He does not have a playbook because the lockout was on when he was drafted.

-He expects to have to earn his initial playing time at special teams. He says several teams had talked to him about special teams during the pre-draft process and he prides himself on that so he thinks he has a future there. He also said he wants to get onto the field as a defensive player as well noting he could conceivably play cornerback, nickelback or safety.

-He says the main difference between nickelback and cornerback is that, as a nickel, you really have to know what the rest of the defense is doing. At cornerback, you're sometimes on an island so you're not as involved in the rest of the defense.

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