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Could The ThigBone Offense Reunite With Chan Gailey?

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I don't know what it is about QB Tyler Thigpen but I still read every story about him that pops up. Maybe it's the skeleton, maybe it's the ThigBone nickname or maybe it's pistol offense. Whatever it is, I don't think I'll ever forget the Tyler Thigpen era. Yes, I realize I'm opening myself up for a lot of criticism saying that.

Our friends at Buffalo Rumblings, who now have Chan Gailey as their head coach, also haven't forgotten about him as they ask their readers what a future with Thigpen would look like.

As Silva points out, Gailey still runs a lot of shotgun concepts, and Thigpen has a similar playing style to starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. There is obviously logic to this talk, so here's our question for you: would anyone be upset with bringing in Thigpen as a backup to Fitzpatrick?

I'll ask you, Chiefs fans, the same question since we know him better than Bills fans might. 

If you're Buffalo, do you bring in Thigpen to compete for the job?

(Before you ask, yes, it's a slow news day.)