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Looking At The Kansas City Chiefs Defining Moment

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If you haven't noticed, ESPN is running a series on each NFL team's "defining moment" in franchise history. For the Kansas City Chiefs, Bill Williamson suggests their move from Dallas to Kansas City in 1963, the Super Bowl IV victory over the Minnesota Vikings, the drafting of Derrick Thomas in 1989 and the hiring of GM Scott Pioli in 2009.

As of now, the vote has the Super Bowl IV victory as the leader, which is understandable.

I'd argue though that the arrival of DT should be the defining moment for the franchise. To me, he is Chiefs football in the 1990s. And, for most fans today, the Chiefs are remembered for their dominance (and lack of a Super Bowl victory) in the 1990s. Even today we reference that time period as one of the best time periods for the Chiefs.

A Super Bowl victory is obviously a huge deal but remembering that Super Bowl victory is also a reminder that a second Super Bowl title has yet to come....40 years later.

The emergence of the Chiefs in the 1990s brought the franchise back from the dead and, when you think of the Chiefs today, you think of the great crowds, the tailgating and that incredible home record in the 1990s.

I like talking about things like this because it gets the old-timers out in the comments section. I've missed such a large chunk of Chiefs history because, well, I wasn't alive yet so those of you who lived the 60s and 70s, let us know if you think my thoughts on this are accurate.