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Herm Edwards Has Some Hard Knocks Advice

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Way back in 2007 when Arrowhead Pride didn't have nearly the readership we do today, the Kansas City Chiefs were on Hard Knocks. Our little group of readers would have a string of comments about each week's episode dissecting what we were seeing on HBO.

The Chiefs were a good choice because Herm Edwards is an entertaining character to those outside of One Arrowhead Drive and he made things lively in River Falls. Four years removed from HBO's Hard Knocks, Herm has some advice for the next team appearing on the show.

" 'Don't think you're Sidney Poitier,' " said Edwards. "You'd see this player who had nothing to say for two months and now he can't stop talking."

Maybe my memory is shot from writing so many lockout stories but I can't figure out who would have been the "Sidney Poitier" from the Chiefs edition of Hard Knocks. Boomer Grigsby, maybe?

Herm says another problem was players feeling snubbed if they weren't featured on each episode.

"The downside is the players ... get so hung up on wanting to be part of the show, and not all of them are going to be," Edwards said. "So half the time they're asking, 'Why wasn't I on the show last night?' Then they're almost overacting to become a part of it."

Hard Knocks was a lot of fun to watch as a fan but, if it messes with the efficiency of the team's training camp, I'd say it's not worth doing.