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Mark Turgeon Wore A Chiefs Shirt To His Maryland Interview

If you haven't been following the world of college basketball then you may not have noticed that KU grad Mark Turgeon recently accepted the Maryland basketball job. That's normally not a notable event on, of all places, a Kansas City Chiefs blog, but when Turgeon shows up to his interview wearing Chiefs gear -- yes, Chiefs gear -- it becomes a blog post around here.

Apparently Turgeon, previously the Texas A&M head coach, was on his way back from a camping trip with his family when Maryland AD Kevin Anderson called him to request he interview for the Terrapins job.

"I didn't know I was going to be interviewing for Maryland, so I hadn't shaved," Turgeon recalled Tuesday during his introductory news conference. "I said Kevin, 'All I have are sweats, shorts and Texas A&M shirts. Are you OK with that?' He said, 'Yeah, I'm fine. I'll come in jeans and a sweater.'"

Sporting three-day-old stubble, sweat pants and a Kansas City Chiefs t-shirt over the top of his usual Texas A&M garb, Turgeon wowed Anderson with his charisma and vision for the Maryland program during an interview at a Pittsburgh hotel. By the time the meeting was over, Turgeon said, "I knew it was my job to take or leave."

The only question now is: Did Todd Haley send him that Chiefs shirt?

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