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Chiefs Draft Pick Says Workouts Likely Coming If Lockout Lasts

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The Kansas City Chiefs spent a fourth round pick on Colorado CB Jalil Brown in the 2011 NFL draft but, because of the lockout, they can't get a look at him for a while. Brown joined The Big Show on KTGR in Columbia, Mo. last week and indicated that, if the lockout rolls on for a while, he and some of his new teammates will be getting together.

"They were saying if it's going to be a lockout for a long time," Brown said, "we were talking about getting together."

So at some point it sounds like they'll be getting together. We know QB Matt Cassel and a few of the receivers have been getting together and more plan to attend.

Right about now is usually when we see rookie minicamps and then OTAs pick up in June. If they're trying to keep a regular schedule, then June would be the month they start moving on this. We'll gain some more clarity in the lockout at a June 3 court hearing.

Brown hasn't really been able to talk to the coaches because of the lockout so when asked where he would play, he had to guess.

"It's tough to say but talking to them in the past they said they were interested in me because of my versatility," he said, "Having the size for safety, playing that early in my career, and then playing nickel and then corner. I couldn't even tell you where they're going to start me off first. I'm guessing special teams, which is something I strived at being special teams player my freshman year at Colorado."

Special teams is where we thought he would start his career. The next step is figuring out where he'll play on the field.