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Dwayne Bowe's Straight Forward Autograph Session Style

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To kick off the third shift around here, I was poking around YouTube for some Kansas City Chiefs' related videos and came across this short video of a recent Dwayne Bowe autograph session at the new Salina, KS, Menard's grocery home improvement store. 

If you watch the video, you gotta give D-Bowe props for his efficient, no-nonsense (and silent) autograph session attitude. The guy was there for over two hours. So I think he deserves a bit of a break after his 1,000th autograph. I know some AP readers were there so tell us how it went. 

By the way, the Menard's in Salina, KS, is kind of big timing it. In addition to Dwayne Bowe, Menard's is getting Bret Saberhagen and Christian Okoye to stop by to celebrate the store opening. When was the last time that happened at a store in your area?