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Chiefs Draft Picks: Majority Of Fans Approve Of Jonathan Baldwin

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The Kansas City Chiefs spent the 26th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft on Pittsburgh WR Jonathan Baldwin. The pick was a surprise to say the least. Baldwin was not on our radar as a possible first round pick and we didn't even know that he visited Kansas City prior to the draft.

Nearly 1,700 Chiefs fans voted in our approval poll shortly after the pick and the results show the majority of fans agree with the pick. 74 percent approved, 7 percent did not approve and 18 percent voted they're not sure. On the entire draft, we had 89 percent of voters give the Chiefs an A or a B.

Receiver is a very exciting position so drafting one in the first round probably makes you immediate reaction a very good one. Digging into the Baldwin pick a little more, I have some questions about how it will work out. The potential, though, is absolutely there. This could be a monster pick if Baldwin subscribes to the Todd Haley program.

I will say that, with the knocks on Baldwin, there's no one in the league I'd rather have coaching him than Haley. When you take into account what Haley has done with receivers in the past, I think this pick looks better.

So you've had three days to digest the pick. Does a 74 percent approval rating sound about right for Jonathan Baldwin?