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Broncos' Von Miller Takes First Step To Becoming Next Derrick Thomas

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The late, great Derrick Thomas sacked John Elway more than any other quarterback and visions of DT pummeling No. 7 are ingrained in my mind. That's what Chiefs football was back in the day. For me growing up, DT was the good guy and Elway was the bad guy.

And you know what? The good guy won a lot of those battles.

The Broncos spent the second overall pick in the draft on LB Von Miller and we've noted a few times in the lead up to the NFL draft that he was compared to our own Hall of Famer, Derrick Thomas.

So it's fitting that Miller is channeling DT with the jersey number he'll wear: No. 58.

Elway, a Broncos VP these days, says it's "great" that Miller is wearing DT's old number but...."I told him not to walk behind me," Elway said (via

I'm not sure how I'll feel when we see another No. 58 running around Arrowhead Stadium one Sunday a year, especially since Chiefs QB Matt Cassel wears...No. 7.

This is what Miller has to look forward to...