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Eric Berry Checks In On The NFL's Top 100 Players Of 2011 List

If you watched any of the NFL Network's 2011 NFL Draft coverage, you undoubtedly saw one of their many commercials for their series The Top 100 Players of 2011. It's a list comprised of active players voted into the top 100 by the players themselves. The series started last night.

We don't know the full list yet but we do know this: Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry made the list at No. 93. Considering Berry was one of only three rookies to make the list, that's huge props from his peers. 

The video on showcasing Berry's 2010 season is really great. Todd Haley spoke throughout much of it and had some great stuff to say.

"Eric played more snaps than anyone on our team and it wasn't even close. He was 120 snaps more than anyone else on our team," Haley said. 

"Eric is different than a lot of rookies I've seen through the years. It was never too big for him." 

Go watch the 4-minute video. It's worth it. The series continues on for a while, counting until the top ten is revealed in June. 

Guesses to how many other Chiefs make the top 100 players list? Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Flowers....Who else?

H/T about 10 people in the FanShots. 

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