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Jonathan Baldwin's Jersey Number Not Released Yet

[Editor's note: Quick edit and clarification here. Jonathan Baldwin tweeted that his jersey number would be 88. The Chiefs haven't even issued him a jersey number so that's definitely not official. Just a heads up so that you're not out there buying a jersey that doesn't exist yet. The previous headline to this story was: "Jonathan Baldwin's Jersey Number For The Kansas City Chiefs Will Be..."]

We mentioned Friday morning that the Kansas City Chiefs' first round WR Jonathan Baldwin would probably have to speak with Dwayne Bowe if Baldwin wanted to wear his college No. 82.

Well, there's no need to speak with Bowe about it. Baldwin has tweeted out (and changed his twitter handle to reflect) what his new number is:

Baldwin tweeted out last night, "I'm number 88 by the way everyone."

No Chief current wears No. 88, so Baldwin gets a free pass. You may recall the Kansas City Chiefs' last No. 88. The guy wasn't too bad.

It's Game Time.

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