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Mel Kiper's NFL Draft Grades For The Kansas City Chiefs

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SB Nation's NFL Draft Hub is covering grades and results for every pick. Check it out.

Well the inevitable rush of 2011 NFL Draft grades are being posting around the web and ESPN's Mel Kiper has already hustled and put together draft grades for all 32 NFL Teams.

You can complain and say NFL draft grades the Sunday after the draft are stupid. Of you can be smart like Mel Kiper and frame these grades within the context of addressing needs and finding value. That's the really interesting angle to take so soon after the draft. Of course we're not grading how well this rookie class is going to do on the field. These are NFL draft grades.

Kiper, explaining his logic behind grading the NFL Draft, said, "On my scale, a B grade is pretty solid. It means you consistently hit needs and found value in the process. Higher than that implies exceptional value at need positions; below that means there was more hit and miss. So don't see a 'C' grade and assume a bad draft. It simply implies more of a mixed bag."

He grades on Needs, Value and an Overall Grade. Here's how Mel Kiper's draft grades broke down for the Chiefs:

Top needs: WR, OLB, C, NT

  • Needs: B
  • Value: C
  • Overall: C+
A C+? Really Kiper? Here's his reasoning:
Scott Pioli certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt after the way he got such early dividends from last year's class. This year he again went after guys I think the Chiefs want to see on the field really early. I had wide receiver as a big need, and Baldwin is a big target for Matt Cassel. Problem is, he was a reach on my board.

The Chiefs also need a center and Hudson is a good one who can step in there. Houston fell on off-the-field concerns but his talent level is far higher than his draft slot, and Bailey is an intriguing player because he has a lot of talent, but had a poor senior year in terms of production and could have been picked much later.

Stanzi is a decent value in Round 5. Solid draft in terms of addressing needs, average in terms of value. Powe was a really solid late value at nose tackle.

Personally, I think the value was through the roof for the Kansas City Chiefs, regardless of where players fell on Kiper's big board.

Well, this is one of many draft grade opinions out there. Any validity to it?