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Chiefs Draft Rumors: KC Reportedly Works Out Little Known Tight End

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The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly been interested in two tight ends during this draft season - Luke Stocker of Tennessee and Ryan Taylor of UNC, who is actually more of a halfback type. Well we have one more tight end to add to the Chiefs' draft interests list - Wayne State TE Austin Hughes.

Per MetisSports, Austin Hughes representation, the Kansas City Chiefs reportedly had a private workout with Hughes a few days ago on the Wayne State campus.

There isn't much scouting information out there on the 6'3", 264 pound senior from Beverly Hills, MI. He doesn't appear to be an overly offensive-oriented tight end, with ten receptions in a season as his career high. Here is Hughes' Pro Day workout video for more information.

Hughes isn't projected to be drafted. Expect a Chiefs draft interests update today or tomorrow.