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NFL Draft 2011: Kansas City Chiefs Conduct Private Workout With Miami Running Back

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The Kansas City Chiefs are set at the running back position for the 2011 season but that doesn't mean Scott Pioli and company are not evaluating this position for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Per Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel, we have word that the Kansas City Chiefs conducted a private workout with Miami RB Damien Berry. The Miami runningback has also had private workouts with the Falcons, Lions, Steelers, Packers and Redskins.

Berry is a 5'10", 211 pound senior who is the 25th highest rated running back by NFL Draft Scout. Before the off season, Berry was potentially going to go undrafted in April but a solid performance in off season activities and games, notably at the Texas Vs. The Nation game last February, Berry has reportedly boosted his stock to the middle rounds.

I'd be relatively surprised if Berry was drafted by the Chiefs, considering it's not a main team need heading into the 2011 season. But at the same time, the Chiefs drafted Larry Johnson in 2003 at the heigh of Priest Holme's success so it would not be unprecedented. One big difference between Berry and LJ? Berry won the Hurricane Media "Good Guy" award in 2010.

Check out some Damien Berry highlight videos here.