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No Meeting Scheduled Between Chiefs, K-State RB Daniel Thomas

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We noted that Kansas State Wildcats RB Daniel Thomas held a workout for NFL teams in Manhattan earlier this week and one of the teams in attendance was the Kansas City Chiefs.

Thomas is a productive running back and the Chiefs are potentially looking for a Thomas Jones replacement at some point so, with many K-State fans residing in Kansas City, his name drew some interest around here.

Despite some of you in purple clamoring for Thomas to stay in the area, the Chiefs have not scheduled a workout with him.

Thomas told Steven St. John on 810 WHB's The Border Patrol Friday morning that the Chiefs running backs coach was in attendance at the workout -- and he talked to him -- but that's about all the communication the two sides have had.

"If they want to bring me in I'd be more than happy to," Thomas said. I'm sure some K-State fans in the area wouldn't mind either.

That said, just because a player isn't brought in on an official visit or worked out privately by the team doesn't mean they're not interested. So much of the NFL draft is about protecting who you're really interested in so it's hard to read into what a visit or a workout really means.

Plus, Thomas has plenty of game tape after starting for two years if the Chiefs are indeed interested.