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Chiefs' Eric Berry Spends Time At Locked Out Arrowhead Stadium

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The NFL lockout means exactly what you think it means -- players are literally locked out from the building. They can't dip in to say hi to their coach, grab something they forgot from their locker or work out at the team facilities.

There are, however, a couple of reasons they can be in the stadium though.

Kansas City Chiefs players can drop into Arrowhead later this summer when Taylor Swift is playing, as that's a public event, or they can attend some charity events at the stadium which is what Eric Berry did on Thursday night.

Berry spent last night at the Founders Club in Arrowhead Stadium for an event called Man 2 Man, as part of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. From what I understand, the Founders Club space was rented out like any other function and this wasn't an official Chiefs event so there weren't any problems with Berry attending.

Last week, Berry told Nick Wright on 610 Sports that he didn't think there were any issues going to Arrowhead during a lockout if it was for a charity event. "It's part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters thing so it's not dealing with football," he said. "I think it's OK."

From what I hear, someone dropped about $5,000 on one of the prizes -- Berry taking your son or daughter to school. How could cool would that be in grade school?

While we're on the topic of charities, The Eric Berry Foundation was recently awarded grant money from NFL Charities, as were several other Chiefs players' foundations.