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Chiefs Get About 30 Players To Tuesday's Lockout Meeting

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The Kansas City Chiefs held a team meeting on Tuesday to go over a few NFL lockout-related items. The players can't force other players to do anything so the meeting was voluntary and it sounds like there was solid attendance.

According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, about 30 players showed up

That's a solid number, if you ask me. From what I understand, there are a good chunk of Chiefs that don't live in Kansas City so many of them traveled (and did it on their own dime).

Check out both lockout stories in the Kansas City Star -- the Chiefs' meeting and the Minnesota court case. Brian Waters said something in the latter story that I found very interesting.

"We talked about the lockout fund the players have and how to get that money out to players who need it. We've established a fund for those players who kind of fall through the cracks, those non-vested players who have families and can't afford to have COBRA and other things that they need to survive during this time."

Last month Waters suggested creating a pool in which higher-paid vets can anonymously contribute to a pool that would help younger players who had cash flow problems. Though it's just April, players will indeed fall through the cracks financially and require assistance.

The NFLPA's lockout fund will begin doling out payments from their lockout fund on tax day but less than half of the players will qualify for the full $60,000 payment. It sounds like Waters is talking about another fund to supplement that.