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KC Chiefs Conclude Players Only Meeting

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Kansas City Chiefs players were meeting today to go over a few things, presumably NFL lockout-related. Eric Berry told 810 WHB's Kevin Kietzmann last week, "We're supposed to be setting up some things and getting some things situated as far as scheduling or when we were going to meet and try to get together as a team if the lockout was still going on."

That meeting has now concluded, according to a couple of Chiefs players on Twitter, including Rudy Niswanger.

Great players only Chiefs meeting in KC today! Good to see all the guys. Even when locked out, we are still one team and united!

(FYI: @RudyNiswanger communicates with fans on Twitter so he's a good person to follow.)

Questions I have: How many players showed up? What were the topics of discussion? Where was it held? Were any plans made for offseason workouts?

Did any of you happen to see a large group of Chiefs players walking around today?