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Clemson CB Marcus Gilchrist Taking A Visit To KC Chiefs Country

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When we're talking about potential Kansas City Chiefs draft picks there are usually a few questions that come to mind. Is he fast? Is he versatile? Is he smart? Is he a leader? Those are the qualities we've found Chiefs GM Scott Pioli tends to lean towards.

On that note, we have our next Chiefs draft interest: Clemson CB Marcus Gilchrist. Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reports Gilchrist is visiting the Chiefs today.

Is he fast? He had a solid NFL Combine running the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds.

Is he versatile? Indeed, he has experience at cornerback, safety and returner.

Is he smart? Wilson reports one GM said he was "one of the smarter defensive backs he's been around."

Is he a leader? He was named a permanent team captain following Clemson's 2010 season.

Seems to make sense, right? Gilchrist is expected to be a mid-round pick later this month. Check out NFP for the full report on Gilchrist.