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Chiefs Lockout Meeting Coming Today

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Last week Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry told Kevin Kietzmann on 810 WHB's Between The Lines that the players were returning to Kansas City for a meeting on April 4. Maybe Berry had his dates mixed up because the meeting is actually taking place today, which is April 5.

"The only thing I've been getting from Brian Waters, McGraw and those guys is that they're trying to set up things within the Chiefs," Berry told Kietzmann. "Just trying to get us together, get the players together and discuss some things. We're supposed to be having a meeting on the fourth. We're just trying to get some things ironed out and get a little schedule together I guess."    

It sounds like this will be a meeting to A.) provide information on the lockout if needed and B.) make plans for workouts and/or meetings later this spring and summer (if the lockout is still going on).

I'm curious to hear where they'll hold this meeting. In the day of camera phones and Twitter, it's probably not easy for a chunk of Chiefs players to meet someplace without the news getting out. We're not sure if Mike Vrabel will be there or not but his turn to speak would likely be the most interesting given recent events.

Adam Teicher of the KC Star posted a story over the weekend with more information on the meeting.