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Details Of Mike Vrabel's Arrest Aren't So Exciting

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Shortly after news broke that Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel was arrested on charges of theft, myself, along with plenty of other reporters (or bloggers), have been trying to dig up exactly what happened.

KMBC in Kansas City has the first clue.
In a story posted on the Kansas City TV station's website, they list a few details of the arrest, which occurred at the Belterra Casino in Indiana. Check out for the full details but, according to an Indiana Gaming Commission Director, Vrabel was seen "taking bottles of alcohol from a deli without paying for them."

Citing sources, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports the matter "involves a bar tab and some confusion over how many beers should be on it". [Editor's note: I've had a few bar tabs like that!]

Vrabel was "cooperative" and "posed no problems" during the incident, according to KMBC's report.

The news of Vrabel's arrest was so shocking because something like theft is seemingly so out of character for him. The details provided above by KMBC indicate that the shocking arrest doesn't include shocking details.

Yeah, it's horrible timing and, yeah, if the details are accurate then he clearly did something wrong. But on a scale of shocking details, this resides closer to a 1 than a 10.