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Seven Round 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Predicting The Chiefs Picks

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A bunch of fans over at SB Nation's Mocking The Draft completed a seven round 2011 NFL mock draft and the final result is very interesting. I'm not sure that I like all the specific players selected for the Kansas City Chiefs but I like the thought put behind it.

In this mock draft, the Chiefs address defensive end, receiver, nose tackle, running back, center, quarterback, inside linebacker and outside linebacker. That's a pretty solid list of Chiefs team needs although we can argue which position has a higher priority right now.

If the Chiefs can hit on some sort of combination of receiver, nose tackle and center in the first few rounds then I think I'll be pretty happy. Of course, the actual player does matter.

Check out all of the Chiefs picks after the jump and then the whole thing at Mocking The Draft.

1. DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

2. WR Randall Cobb, Kentucky

3. DT Jerrel Powe, Ole Miss

4. RB Jamie Harper, Clemson

5. C Kris O'Dowd, USC

5. QB Pat Devlin, Delaware

6. LB Mike Mohammed, Cal

7. OLB Tom Keiser, Stanford