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Don't Mess With Chiefs S Eric Berry At Arrowhead Stadium

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Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry talked with Nick Wright of 610 Sports on Friday and I heard a new story about Berry I hadn't heard before that helps demonstrate how quickly he's become a leader on the team. 

Prior to the Chiefs game against the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 21, LB Joey Porter was apparently doing something he's never done before -- talking a little trash. Berry took issue with that. 

Here's what he said on What's Wright Friday afternoon:

"The thing that had gotten me really upset was that Joey had pushed one of my teammates, and he was a fellow rookie. We came in together so we were tight.

"When that happened, when he came to our side of the field at Arrowhead, and we take big pride in Arrowhead, so he came on our side where we were warming up, and he came running his mouth. I just really didn't like how he handled it, disrespecting our field and our stadium like that, so I had some choice words for him.

"When we went into the locker room, I just pretty much rallied the troops and pretty much said if that didn't make you upset something's wrong. I just wanted to send the message out that we're here to play and we're not going to be disrespected at home in our house where our fans take so much pride in Arrowhead, along with us as well."

Or, as a couple of players told Wright: "lost his damn mind" in the locker room at halftime.

Final score: Chiefs 31 Cardinals 13. Mission accomplished.