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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/4

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Good morning Chiefs fans! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. There's not much out there this morning, but look for the CBA talk to pick up in advance of the April 6th hearing on Brady vs. the NFL. Enjoy.

Listen, when it came to the first round, the Chiefs under Peterson had their stinkers, the biggest being University of Michigan OT Trezelle Jenkins in 1995. Jenkins was a complete bust, appearing in nine games over three seasons. He started the '97 season opener, was benched and release two weeks later. He never played another regular season game in professional football.

But over 20 drafts, Peterson was correct far more than he was wrong when it came to the first round. One of those choices is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (OLB Derrick Thomas/1989.) There's another that will be there eventually (TE Tony Gonzalez/1997.)

First-Round Carl... Monday Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Before the season Haley told the players that nobody cared. Haley told his men they were in it together.

The term "nobody" caught my attention. The nobodies were the group Haley referred to as the doubters. The outsiders like the media, Broncos, Chargers and Raiders - but initially Haley might have included the fan.

Don't take it personal, but at first, the only ones Haley cared about were the "right 53." Before Haley could convince the 12th man, he had to change the culture of the team.

Brown: Chiefs Found Their Identity in 2010 from The Examiner

The 2011 NFL Season is up in the air. Football fans can check some gird-iron girls if they're missing the KC Chiefs. The Full Tackle Women's League started the season on Saturday night.

You can expect to see its popularity rise. Kansas City has two women's team which shows there is definitely a market for the sport. The women who play say they mean business on the field and they're a lot like any other athlete.

Women's Pro Football Popular in Kansas City from FOX4KC