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Cardinals Called To Draft Ricky Stanzi As Chiefs Picked Him

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Well, well, well. The Kansas City Chiefs fifth round pick was in demand. KC used their 135th pick on Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi, one of the popular mock draft picks for the Chiefs.

So was the fifth round the right spot for Stanzi? More specifically, was the 135th pick the right spot for Stanzi?

If the Chiefs wanted him, it was actually the perfect spot. Stanzi's agent, Jack Bechta, says the Arizona Cardinals, who held the 136th pick, called Stanzi to draft him.

Unfortunately for Arizona, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was already pulling the trigger on Stanzi. So the Chiefs picked him at the exact spot they needed to.

Pioli has been on the Cardinals side in a situation like this. In fact, he talked about this on Thursday night. Via

One of the tricks I've learned is be careful about how soon you get a player on the phone because if you get him on too early and another team finds out about it they may make a trade to jump ahead of you.

That's a trick the Cardinals may want to learn.

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