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Kansas City Chiefs Draft Picks Continue To Fill Needs

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There are definitely some question marks but I must say that I'm really liking the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL draft to this point. The Chiefs continue to fill needs with solid players.

Going into the draft, most of us said in some sort of order that these were the Chiefs needs: nose tackle, outside linebacker, receiver, center, offensive tackle and backup quarterback.

The Chiefs have hit on all of those to this point outside of offensive tackle. Here are a few one-liners on the needs the Chiefs have filled to this point.

Wide receiver: Jonathan Baldwin came to the Chiefs in the first round. There are some questions but, physically, he's all you could ask for.

Center: Rodney Hudson out of Florida State could step in and play quickly. How long have we been clamoring for a young center in KC? I like this pick.

Outside linebacker: Justin Houston was terrific value in the third round. He may have a question mark as well but GM Scott Pioli noted after day two that he was by far their highest rated player on the board at that point.

Backup quarterback: Hello, Ricky Stanzi. How many people guessed this? Well, a lot of people actually. The fifth round is a good spot for the Chiefs backup quarterback. Nice pick.

Nose tackle: Jerrell Powe is your newest Chief. How well do we as fans know the league? I would have taken Powe in the third or fourth round. Pioli gets him in the sixth.

You add in someone like Allen Bailey who was productive in college (although we're not sure how he fits in) and this is a solid draft, at least according to my initial impressions. The Chiefs still have one more selection in the seventh round but I know I'm going to walk away pretty happy with this draft.