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Mel Kiper Avoids Tom Brady-Ricky Stanzi Comparison (Sort Of)

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The Kansas City Chiefs used their first fifth round pick on a quarterback by the name of QB Ricky Stanzi. We've talked about him around here before and noted that he made sense for the Chiefs as a backup quarterback. 

ESPN's Mel Kiper is also a big fan. After the Chiefs made the pick, he said, 'Todd knows how much I like him.'

He continued...
"I like this kid," Kiper said. "I'm not going to say Tom Brady -- Big Ten, No. 12. 6'4", 225 pounds, very accurate in the pocket. He takes snaps from under center. He's pro-style all the way. Veteran of the collegiate ranks. Stayed his whole career there working for Kirk Feretnz getting the job done for the Iowa Hawkeyes. I like the way he improved.

"I didn't like the fourth quarter metldowns. The fourth quarter as a junior was outstanding. Made some big throws. This year he completed only 56.3 percent in the fourth quarter. When you talk about a kid on third down completing 69.2 percent of his passes, seven touchdowns, zero interceptions. Remember Tony Moeaki last year? Stanzi allowed him to be successful there. Good football player. He'll provide competition on Matt Cassel."

Another ESPN personality, Trent Dilfer, wasn't so nice about the Chiefs draft picks. Full recap of what he had to say is coming soon.