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NFL Draft 2011: Looking At Where Chiefs' Rodney Hudson Fits In

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The Kansas City Chiefs draft picks to this point have been hitting on a nice blend of best available players and need. The Chiefs second round pick in particular, Rodney Hudson out of Florida State, fits that mold -- good player at a position of need.

The Hudson selection has a familiar feel to it as most Chiefs draft picks do -- versatility. He's played center, guard and left tackle at Florida State but, according to GM Scott Pioli, his position in the pros will be center. 

"There is a good chance that we will try and start him right off at the center position," Pioli said (via "Not the starting center, but start him off performing at center in practice."  

So then...Casey Wiegmann

He was reportedly considering retirement but the last we heard was that he was leaning to coming back with no final decision. Will that be with the Chiefs? Hudson, it appears to me, has a legitimate shot to play right away.  

Pioli, who hasn't talked to Wiegmann because of the lockout, says he wanted to "crystal clear" that drafting a player doesn't necessarily mean the end of another players' time. 

"I am glad that you brought that up because please don't ever read into us drafting players or us signing other players as it being the swan song or the certain end of any other players," he said. "I think it would be really unfair to the player and certainly inaccurate from our standpoint."

But how can you not at least wonder what this means for Wiegmann? If Hudson was going to start off at guard, I could see the easy argument to keep Wiegmann around. But two centers? That's definitely a question I'm looking forward to seeing answered.

You can also apply the same question -- and Pioli's words -- to the question of how LB Mike Vrabel fits in with the Justin Houston pick.

We shall see.