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Kansas City Chiefs Team Needs Moving Into Day Three Of 2011 NFL Draft

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The Kansas City Chiefs move into the third day of the 2011 NFL draft with less needs than they started. As I mentioned, the Chiefs addressed a number of needs in the first two days including receiver, center and outside linebacker. That changes how we're looking at things for day three.

Here are the positions I think the Chiefs need to be checking out:
Nose tackle: This is the big one and the one everyone wants to see addressed. There aren't many 3-4 nose tackles so the Chiefs will only have a couple of opportunities to find one. If they don't take one, I'm guessing DT Ron Edwards will return to Kansas City. Plus, don't sleep on DT Anthony Toribio who was picked up from the Green Bay Packers prior to last season.

Quarterback: The Chiefs are believed to be looking for a backup quarterback and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has had success drafting late round guys before. I see them selecting a quarterback at some point on day three. Maybe Ricky Stanzi in round four?

Cornerback: The Chiefs found CB Brandon Carr in the fifth round a few years ago and it paid off. Pioli will probably have his eye on a cornerback, especially with Carr and CB Brandon Flowers having just one year remaining on their contracts. I'm not saying you find another Carr in the fifth round but they need to be on the lookout for more depth there.

Running back: I definitely think the Chiefs should choose a running back in this draft, possibly someone to replace RB Thomas Jones. I think it's important that they bring someone in who can play under Jones, even if for just one year. He's a locker room leader that the coaching staff and front office likes a lot so they should want their next running back to learn under him and get off on the right foot.

Wide receiver: I could also see the Chiefs checking out a receiver, perhaps a speedy one to stretch the field. The Chiefs selected WR Jonathan Baldwin in the first round but he doesn't necessarily address the need to stretch the field. I can see the Chiefs taking a flyer on a speedster and hopes he pans out.