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Five Things To Remember About Kansas City Chiefs Draft Picks So Far

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Good morning everyone.

Days one and two of the 2011 NFL draft are in the bag and we're moving onto day three. I remember a few weeks ago Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli telling me that they'll be emotionally exhausted after the draft. I'm not even making the picks and I am emotionally exhausted.

I've rounded up a few thoughts I have on the draft so far. I've been busy with draft stuff at as well so I haven't had as much time to weigh in on the Chiefs as I'd like. (Can we give it up for Chris dominating the draft so far? Geez, that guy is on a caffeine high or something.)

Five thoughts on the Chiefs draft so far after the jump:
Consider Jonathan Baldwin in this context. OK, the Chiefs had the 21st pick and they traded it for the 27th pick and a third round pick. That turned into Baldwin and Justin Houston -- for dropping down six spots! This is how you build your team. The more draft picks you have, the more chances you have to get it right. It's that simple. I'm loving that first round trade once you take it in that context.

This is a needs-based draft early on. Receiver was a big need. Center was a big need. Outside linebacker was a big need. The Chiefs are focusing on their needs as they make these picks. That causes you to think about reaching a little more but, to me, it makes the most sense right now. The Chiefs are plugging up holes as they roll along here. It's not like last year where the second round picks seemed to be more about luxury than need.

C Rodney Hudson has a chance to be the best pick of the weekend. OK, I'm not going to lie to you and say I've watched tape of this guy and I know a lot about him. I don't. But I will tell you that, when the fans want your jersey retired at the end of the season, you're pretty damn good. Think about that. A center has the fans' attention like that. The Chiefs are going up against the San Diego Chargers' 3-4 defense and the Oakland Raiders big defensive line four times a year. The Broncos are adding parts to their defense. To be the best, you're competing with 3-4 defenses with huge nose tackles like Pittsburgh, New England and Baltimore. From that standpoint, placing a priority on center makes a lot of sense. Also, centers generally have a very low bust-rate so, in the Scott Pioli mold, this is also a safe pick.

Josh Looney nailed the Chiefs first round pick. Kudos to the Chiefs Insider but....he was off by two rounds. Josh is a big Houston fan and had KC selecting him in round one. The Chiefs instead got him in round three. I can pretty much guarantee that, when those post-draft lists come out, Houston will be on one of the "Best Value" lists. Prior to the draft, I figured the Chiefs would look at Houston if he were there in the second round -- big if, I thought. Clearly I was wrong.

The Chiefs are still drafting team captains but it's not the same. Three of the Chiefs four picks have been team captains which sounds similar to last year. This year though there are more questions that come with the draft picks -- will Jonathan Baldwin cause any problems about his role in the offense? Is Justin Houston's failed drug test a one-time thing? Is Allen Bailey a hard-worker? Those are a few of the questions that come along with the Chiefs picks. I haven't done enough research to answer those questions but they're being asked -- and those types of questions weren't there last year. I'm not saying it's all bad. Not by any means. But there is a little more to research this year.