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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/30

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 28:  Taxi cabs drive down the Avenue of the Americas past the Radio City Music Hall marquee, site of the 2011 NFL Draft, on April 28, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 28: Taxi cabs drive down the Avenue of the Americas past the Radio City Music Hall marquee, site of the 2011 NFL Draft, on April 28, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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Good morning Chiefs fans! We have another full day of Kansas City Chiefs news for you. Draft updates and player profiles are ahead. Enjoy.

The Chiefs entered this year's draft with wide receiver, the interior of their offensive line and outside linebacker as their three biggest positional needs.

After three picks, they had addressed them all. They continued their assault on their wish list Friday night by selecting Florida State offensive lineman Rodney Hudson with their second-round pick and Georgia linebacker Justin Houston with the first of their two third-round choices.

That followed their choice of Pittsburgh wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin in the first round Thursday.

Chiefs Fill Needs in the First Three Rounds from KC Star

 The real world of football screeches in the heads of GMs, personnel directors, coaches and even an owner or two - we've got a hole at position and damn it, we've got to fill it.

That's what the Chiefs did in the first three rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft. They need a wide receiver, an interior offensive lineman, an outside linebacker and a defensive line type that could provide a pass rush.

Chiefs Needs Driving Draft from Bob Gretz

Hunt said he believes the owners have a significant chance of getting the injunction overturned and the lockout reinstated on appeal. The temporary stay will remain in force until the appeals court rules next week on the NFL's request for a more permanent stay that would last through the appeal. That process is expected to take 6-8 weeks.

"Any time you're in a courtroom, saying you're confident it's going one way or another is probably a little bit strong," Hunt said. "But we do think the league has a very strong legal position."

The muddled labor situation doesn't appear to be hurting the Chiefs from a business standpoint, at least as much as other clubs. Hunt said the Chiefs [lead] the NFL in new ticket sales.

Owners Resume Lockout After Appeals Court Ruling Goes Their Way from KC Star

The Chiefs' decision-makers have said they want players who strive to do the right thing - players who always think they need to do a little more, even if it's unnecessary.

When Hudson took that job at age 16, Kathleen Hudson said, her son didn't really need a job. He just felt that, after the divorce and his brother's departure to college, it was up to him to contribute.

"We could've gotten along with it," she said, "but he wanted responsibility."

Chiefs Draft Pick Hudson Doesn't Shy Away from Responsibility from KC Star

A year after talking about the great character of the young men they drafted, the Chiefs have taken the first three rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft and gone in another direction.

Selected in the first-round on Thursday WR Jonathan Baldwin was involved in a misdemeanor assault case involving a female student that was eventually thrown out of court.

The Chiefs followed that up on Friday by drafting in the third round OLB Justin Houston out of Georgia.

"We Know What We Signed Up For" from Bob Gretz

"Basketball is my first love because it was my first sport. I will always miss basketball."

Those are the words of Jonathan Baldwin, who is joining the Chiefs and the National Football League with basketball nowhere to be seen. It's just football, in the role of a first-round draft choice and what the folks in Kansas City hope is an infusion of talent into the team's offense.

Funny, but it was about four years ago to the day that Baldwin decided the oblong ball was his future, rather than the round ball...

...Here's his story.

Player Profile Part #1 - Jonathan Baldwin from Bob Gretz

"The ideal selection for Kansas City," NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said during Friday's broadcast. "This is a guy that played guard at Florida State, and the more tape I watched, the more I was convinced I liked him the most at center. Very quick feet, quick hands."

The Mobile native is the first FSU lineman to be drafted since Mario Henderson was taken 91st overall in the third round by the Oakland Raiders in 2007.

It is the highest a lineman from FSU has been drafted since Tra Thomas was selected 11th overall in 1998 by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Chiefs Take Lineman Hudson in the Second Round from The Miami Herald

"I'm very excited," Hudson said. "It's a great opportunity to go to the Chiefs. It's a great organization and I can't wait to get started."

At 299 pounds, Hudson impressed scouts during the NFL combine and during his Pro Day last month with a display of nimble athleticism for a player with his enormous size...

...FSU coach Jimbo Fisher believes he can contribute instantly.

"He's one that's going to come to work everyday," Fisher said. "He's extremely smart and totally committed to playing football and has a passion to be great and to win and will do anything he has to do to be a great teammate."

Kansas Ciy Chiefs Take FSU's Rodney Hudson in NFL Draft's Second Round from The Orlando Sentinel

First off, the Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Party at Arrowhead was a success.

The elephant in the room, the ongoing NFL talks, couldn't be seen. Fans came with their colors and waited patiently for the Chiefs' 21st pick...

...Kimble Anders was enjoying the draft, as well as Anthony Davis and Danan Hughes. Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus, along with the Chiefs' Josh Looney and others, provided draft coverage the entire night. Owner Clark Hunt was signing autographs and talking to fans as well.

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Party is a Big Success from The Examiner

Bailey (6-3, 285) played defensive end at Miami and one of the reasons he fell to the third round is because he has been labeled as a "tweener" as he is considered too slow to be a pass-rushing defensive end and too light to be a defensive tackle.   His other weakness seems to be his ability to recognize what the offense is doing and is a step slow in getting to make a play.

But Bailey balances that out with enormous strength and a non-stop motor.

Chiefs Address Defense in 3rd Round; Select LB Houston and DE Bailey from

A gifted linebacker who plummeted from first-round projection to third-round reality and insists he doesn't even follow the NFL could be Kansas City's most intriguing draft pick of 2011.

Justin Houston, a pass-rushing dynamo at Georgia, is also one of the biggest gambles the normally conservative Scott Pioli ever took.

Many evaluators had pegged Houston as a late first-round pick until reports citing unnamed sources indicated there may have been a problem with a drug test during the NFL combine in February. But there he sat when the Chiefs picked 70th in the third round Friday night and they decided to roll the dice.  

Chiefs Take Gamble in 3rd Round of Draft from FOX4KC

Worst move

ESPN spent too much time talking to Saints coach Sean Payton and pre-empted our chances at seeing Chiefs Hall of Famer Willie Lanier announce the club's second-round pick.

Draft Blitz from KC Star

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt does not foresee labor peace coming soon to the NFL.

"I do believe there is a compromise that gets a deal done," said Hunt, who was part of the owners' negotiation team. "But at this point I don't think the sides are ready to discuss that. And it takes both parties. That's the key. If you've got one side that wants to make a deal and the other one doesn't, then it doesn't matter how close we might have been when we were (in negotiations) in Washington. It just isn't going to happen."

Chiefs Owner: Clubs Are All Being Hurt from The Denver Post