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NFL Draft 2011, Round 2: KC Chiefs Day Two Options

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The first round of the 2011 NFL draft has ended and we're now looking to the second and third rounds on Friday night. The action kicks off at 5:30 p.m. (Arrowhead time) with seven minutes between each pick in the second round and five minutes between each pick in the third round.

So what is GM Scott Pioli's follow-up act? Where's he looking?

Here's are the positions I think the Chiefs should check out (in order of importance):

Offensive line: I can see several positions along the offensive line addressed. You can find some of the draft's best guards and centers in the second round, and even the third round. Of their three picks. I expect at least one of them to be a guard or a center. Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay expect a guard as well. Offensive tackle is another possibility if they see a future right tackle they like. The run on the first round tackles has ended so they could hit on the best of the second tier guys.

Nose tackle: Will this get addressed? There are only a few players who can play the position so someone like DT Kenrick Ellis or DT Jerrell Powe have to be in the mix if they're looking at nose tackle. If they don't go nose tackle. then that should tell you DT Ron Edwards has a good shot of returning to KC.

Linebacker: The Chiefs could be looking for another outside linebacker opposite LB Tamba Hali. Can LB Akeem Ayers slip to No. 55? What about Pittsburgh DE Jabaal Sheard? The Chiefs have a lot of options here. 

Cornerback: Indeed, I think this is a possibility. Remember, Pioli has to pick players not based just on 2011 but the future as well. CB Brandon Carr was tendered and CB Brandon Flowers is entering the final year of his deal. This is an area to think about.

Running back: RB Thomas Jones has one more year left on his deal and I'm not sure Jamaal charles future partner in crime is on the roster. The Chiefs scouted a few running backs, including RB Ryan Williams, who is on the board. The Chiefs have the best run game in the NFL and want to keep it that way. From that standpoint, a running back may make sense.  

Wide receiver: After the first round on Thursday night, Chiefs coach Todd Haley didn't rule out drafting another receiver so long as they were the player that would help the team the most. The guys we considered possible first rounders -- WR Leonard Hankerson, WR Titus Young and WR Torrey Smith -- could be in the discussion.

Quarterback: Is it too early too look for a backup? QB Colin Kaepernick could still be on the board, as well as QB Ricky Stanzi. I think this is a little early for a backup quarterback but something to monitor.