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Jonathan Baldwin Already Acting Like Dwayne Bowe, Has Worked Out With Larry Fitzgerald

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Last summer Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe attended summer workout sessions with a bunch of NFL players hosted by Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has mentioned those workouts and Bowe has said they were a big part of his preparation for the 2010 season, which saw him set a franchise record for touchdowns.

It's good to hear then that new Chiefs draft pick WR Jonathan Baldwin has also worked out with WR Larry Fitzgerald. In an interview on Pro Football Talk Live last March (that many of you have already seen), Baldwin revealed that he was working out with Fitzgerald, a former Pittsburgh receiver himself, as well CB Darrelle Revis, also from Pittsburgh.

To be the best, you have to beat the best. And if you can't beat them yet, working out with them is the next best thing.

Baldwin said in that interview that he wanted to incorporate some of the things Fitzgerald does into his own game. We know Haley is a huge fan of Fitzgerald so that has to be music to his ears. And getting some work in against one of the top two cornerbacks in the game doesn't hurt either. 

Knowing Haley and Fitzgerald still communicate (pre-lockout, at least) it's not a stretch to wonder if Haley reached out asking about Baldwin.