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Chiefs Players Enter Arrowhead But Now NFL Lockout Is Back

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[Update: Now the courts are saying there has NOT been a decision. Color me confused.]

At least one Kansas City Chiefs player made it through the door today. Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reported on Friday morning that there was a "trickle of players" entering Arrowhead with the only confirmed sighting being TE Brad Cottam.

As you know, Judge Susan Nelson denied the NFL's request to keep the lockout in place. The NFL announced on Thursday that, starting on Friday morning, players could enter team facilities and that some contact between coaches and players would be allowed.

As it turns out, that's not the case anymore. The NFL lockout is back on. Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that the NFLPA was bracing for a ruling from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that would reinstate the lockout -- at least temporarily through the weekend.

Reports now say that, indeed, a temporary stay has been granted. It looks like it will likely last through the weekend until the court can hear the players' side of things as to why the lockout should remain lifted. 

Right as we gain some clarity on the lockout, we're back in limbo.