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NFL Draft Results Suggest Teams Thought Chiefs Liked Phil Taylor, Gabe Carimi

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We had lots of trouble figuring out who the Kansas City Chiefs would select with their first round pick in the 2011 NFL draft. We tracked players for months, listened to every draft pick who we knew visited and stayed generally pretty clued into the draft process.

And we still had no idea WR Jonathan Baldwin was on their radar.

From what it sounds like, the rest of the league didn't know what the Chiefs were going to do either. There were two points in the draft where -- and I'm speculating here -- other teams thought the Chiefs were going to take a specific player.

First, the trade with the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs had long been connected to Baylor DT Phil Taylor and many people thought he was their guy at No. 21. So when the Chiefs pick came up, the Browns gave GM Scott Pioli a call and they worked out a deal where Cleveland was able to move up and secure Taylor. Methinks that may mean the Browns thought the Chiefs could be selecting Taylor.

Second, the pass situation with the Baltimore Ravens. The reason the Ravens passed on the pick was because they thought they had a trade worked out with the Chicago Bears. The Bears' target, according to reports, was OT Gabe Carimi, who had also become the most popular mock draft pick in the week leading up to the draft. The Bears ended up getting Carimi anyway but that they felt they had to move up in front of KC shows that they thought the Chiefs were a threat to take Carimi. In fact, they were willing to give up a fourth round pick to move up a few spots just ensure that they got their man. It didn't work out like that but they were still able to select Carimi (assuming their target was Carimi and not Baldwin).

Those were the two players that I saw attached to the Chiefs the most often in pre-draft talk. I'm not surprised the rest of the league thought the Chiefs would take either one.

The question of course is whether the Chiefs were actually interested in either player. Unfortunately, I don't see Pioli giving us the answer to that.