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Chiefs Coach Tells Jonathan Baldwin He Has A Chance To Be Great

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haley has won a few awards and they may win another titled: "Getting me so pumped up for football I'm going to have a break down."

The Chiefs website posted my favorite video of draft season -- the call. The actual call from Chiefs GM Scott Pioli to the first round pick announcing they're coming to Kansas City. Todd Haley and Clark Hunt both spoke to WR Jonathan Baldwin in addition to Pioli.

Haley wasted no time telling Baldwin what he could become.

"You got a chance to be great now," Haley is shown saying in the video. "There have been a few others that have played that position that have been alright. We are excited to make you a Kansas City Chief."

Haley's building a nice little resume with receivers so Baldwin may be smart to heed his advice.

Here's the link to the video. Fair warning: watching it will get you pumped up for some football and that's still several months away. And they barely said anything! This will be a looong offseason.
Scott Pioli:

Hey Jonathan, it's Scott Pioli.

You remember what we talked about right?

You excited about this?


Clark Hunt:

Hey Jonathan, how are you? Are you excited to be a Chief?

We're very excited to have you part of the team. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you.