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Jonathan Baldwin Thought The Chiefs Liked Him

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The Kansas City Chiefs used the 26th selection in the 2011 NFL draft on Pittsburgh WR Jonathan Baldwin. The pick does a number of things including filling a need. The Chiefs now enter the 2011 season with a physically gifted receiver to pair alongside WR Dwayne Bowe.

I haven't done all my homework on Baldwin but my early reaction is that I like the pick a lot. Lots of potential at a position of need is the key to remember, I think.

Baldwin spoke with the local media following the news he was headed to Kansas City, portions of which were televised on Metro Sports in Kansas City. [Editor's note: I hope you recorded Metro Sports' coverage. Tons of great stuff from the Chiefs draft party.]

Baldwin says he had a feeling the Chiefs might select him. "I actually visited them," he said. "I sat down and talked a lot with coach Haley and everybody else. They liked me a lot so I was thinking I would end up there."

Interesting. He didn't appear anywhere our Chiefs draft interests table so no one caught wind of his visit with the Chiefs. 

"I was just sitting here just watching the draft and just hoping and praying that they would and they did select me," he said. "It's a dream come true."

It's also a dream come true for some Chiefs fans who were clamoring for a receiver.