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Cleveland-Kansas City Trade Results In Phil Taylor Becoming A Brown

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SB Nation is covering all of the 2011 NFL Draft results.

The Kansas City Chiefs have traded the No. 21 overall pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Cleveland's No. 27 pick and Cleveland's third round pick, No. 70.

With the No. 21 pick, the Cleveland Browns drafted Baylor NT Phil Taylor. Oddly enough, that's the player many 2011 NFL mock drafts thought the Chiefs would select.

Basically, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli moved back six spots and could still get the player they wanted (if only we knew who that was). This was an excellent move by Pioli parlaying an extra third rounder out of the deal. For a team with a need at receiver, and a draft with plenty of mid-round receivers, I like this move.

Good move by Pioli.

The Kansas City Chiefs now have nine total draft picks and will be selecting again in just six picks.