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Atlanta-Cleveland Trade Biggest Surprise So Far In The 2011 NFL Draft

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The 2011 NFL draft is rolling along relatively quickly. SB Nation has a completely updated list of all of the 2011 NFL Draft picks, so make sure you check out their 2011 NFL Draft results page.

The biggest news so far of this draft is the Atlanta Falcons trading up from No. 27 to the No. 6 spot to get Alabama WR Julio Jones. As Andy Hutchins over at SB Nation said:

Atlanta had the 27th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft first round; that's now Cleveland's. But the Browns also received 2011 second round and fourth round picks and 2012 first and fourth round picks to clear the way for Atlanta to snag Jones, and if that sounds like a lot to pay for the right to take one player, it probably is.

The Jaguars also traded up to get QB Blaine Gabbert. They switched picks with the Washington Redskins.

Follow all of the NFL Draft results at SB Nation.