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Todd McShay's Final Mock Draft Also Has The Kansas City Chiefs Going Offensive Line

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As the 2011 NFL draft nears, everyone and their mother is scrambling to file their final NFL mock drafts. Rick Gosselin projects offensive lineman Gabe Carimi to the Kansas City Chiefs at No 21. Mel Kiper's mock draft projects the same - Carimi to the Chiefs.

As Joel mentioned earlier, it appears that in the days leading up to the draft, experts have coalesced around the Kansas City Chiefs making an offensive lineman their first draft pick.

And ESPN's Todd McShay also projects offensive line for KC. Just not Gabe Carimi. Here is Todd McShay's final mock draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs:

Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
Solder needs some refining but would still offer an upgrade at right tackle for a team that led the NFL in rushing last season.

We reported back in April that the Kansas City Chiefs invited Nate Solder to Arrowhead Stadium for a visit. So this projection isn't entirely out of the blue.

For a more detailed look at the six other offensive linemen the Chiefs have been checking out, make sure you take a peek at our Chiefs' draft interests table. And you can follow along with all of our NFL mock draft coverage in this section.