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On Day Of NFL Draft, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Says, 'We're Not There Yet'

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli sounds a lot like head coach Todd Haley.

In an interview with Mitch Holthus on, Pioli had several interesting things to say, including a note that the Chiefs are on the cusp of being good but they're not there yet.

Check out the full interview at It's one of those interviews that gets you pumped up for the day's activities.

Here's one segment that stood out to me:
"This is far ahead of where we were in January of '09. Very, very far. Yet it's not even close to where we need to be to be a good football program. You can't just go from the bottom to good or great if you want to sustain that.

"We have made so much progress. We're in a good spot. We're on the cusp of being good but this is an every day thing. It's not just working hard for a couple of weeks and sitting back and watching things happen. Or working hard for a cople months, or having a strong season and winning 10 games.

"You have got to to back to where the flaws are. I think what we have done a pretty consistent job here is looking at the things we aren't doing well or the things we haven't done well. Looking at the limitations more than our strengths because that's how, if you want to improve and sustain something, that's what you need to do.

"We are better but we're not there yet. We have a big step to go until we're good and then worry about great. "

(H/T Hail2DaChiefs)