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Free Agency? Tim Castille's Agent Starts Shopping

Most people know where we stand with the NFL lockout at the moment.

Here's a simple summary: Judge Susan Nelson has ruled to lift the lockout. The NFL is requesting that the lockout stays in place during the appeals process. The NFLPA is operating as if the lockout has been lifted. The NFL is in a holding pattern and not operating as if the lockout is lifted.

Agents have been told by the NFLPA to start shopping their players around to teams. In fact, Chief (or former Chief, I guess) Tim Castille's agent made this announcement via Twitter on Wednesday night:

Attention NFL teams, my client Tim Castille is a free agent now, and I will be calling!

Of course, it takes two to tango. NFL teams are not obligated to sign free agents (and why would they if they're operating as if the lockout hasn't been lifted). So the lockout has indeed been lifted but the league is acting as if it isn't.

This is a bizarre time to be following the NFL to say the least .

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