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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Busts: No. 2 Trezelle Jenkins And No. 1 Todd Blackledge

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Arrowhead Pride has teamed up with Bud Light (Give 'em a like on Facebook here) to bring you the top ten biggest draft busts in Kansas City Chiefs history. We continue with No. 2 and No. 1...

Admittedly, this post is not a fun one to write on such a hopeful day but it can still serve as a reminder of who not to draft.

If you scour the Internet for Kansas City Chiefs draft bust lists, there are two names that are not only consistently mentioned as the Chefs' worst draft picks but also as some of the worst all-time NFL draft picks.

You know who I'm talking about - OT Trezelle Jenkins and QB Todd Blackledge. You know their stories all too well...

Trezelle Jenkins was drafted with the 31st overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft. The 6'8", 350 pound lineman had one more year of eligibility left at Michigan but decided to enter the NFL draft instead. The Chiefs snatched him up and the rest is history.

Jenkins never got off the ground in Kansas City. Over three seasons, he played in only nine games. He didn't make one start. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports summed up Jenkin's career in his Worst NFL draft picks article from 2007:

Frankly, Jenkins just wasn't a very good NFL player. The Chiefs soured on him early, and he ended up playing only nine games in three years with only one start. The Chiefs cut him after three years and he failed to catch on in Minnesota and New Orleans. And in what is probably the ultimate insult, he had a tryout with an XFL team and still couldn't make the cut. In the realm of pro football, you can't do much worse than that.

Robinson nailed this draft bust - Jenkins simply wasn't a good NFL player.

Todd Blackledge's story hurts even more to write. In the infamous (for Chiefs fans) or famous (for everyone else) 1983 NFL draft, great quarterbacks were aplenty.

Blackledge was drafted No. 7 overall that year. Six total quarterbacks were taken in the first round that year:

  • No. 1 John Elway;
  • No. 7 Todd Blackledge;
  • No. 14 Jim Kelly;
  • No. 15 Tony Eason;
  • No. 24 Ken O'Brien; and,
  • No. 27 Dan Marino.
Out of all of those QBs, Todd Blackledge had the worst NFL career. In five seasons, with the Chiefs, Blackledge started 24 out of 40 games and put up some dismal numbers:
  • 49% completion percentage;
  • 26/32 TD:INT ratio; and a,
  • 62.0 QB rating.
Again, this hurts to say on draft day. But Todd Blackledge is the pinnacle of NFL draft busts by the Kansas City Chiefs.

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