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Mike Mayock's Mock Draft Has Danny Watkins Headed To Chiefs

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Well, well, well.

If you noticed in my listing of possible Kansas City Chiefs draft picks I did not include Baylor offensive lineman Danny Watkins. I had him in my rough draft of the list but opted not to include him in the final version because there didn't seem to be any buzz around the Chiefs possibly selecting him. 

So of course NFL Network's Mike Mayock -- the best in the NFL draft analyst business -- sends Watkins to the Chiefs at No. 21 in his first and only mock draft.

When Scott Pioli worked with the Patriots, they took a guy named Logan Mankins. I see his reincarnation in Watkins. I think Watkins is a Pioli guy. He's a try-hard kid. He's gifted, tough and mean. You plug him in at right tackle in Year 1, and he'll be able to move inside later, if needed.    

When Joe Schmo says Watkins could be the Chiefs pick, I don't think much of it. When Mike Mayock says Watkins could be the Chiefs pick, my ears perk up. Plenty of people have been predicting a right tackle for the Chiefs but usually those names consist of Gabe Carimi or Nate Solder.

This doesn't have the feeling of Michael Lombardi predicting Tyson Jackson to the Chiefs seemingly out of nowhere in 2009 but this mock draft pick is a surprise with about 24 hours until the real thing kicks off.


(H/T Larryemcdaniel)