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Listing Possible Kansas City Chiefs First Round Draft Picks

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In my last post, I mentioned that there were probably about a dozen or so candidates for the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

So I went ahead and started tallying up a list of players that, in my mind, are at least in the conversation for the Chiefs first round pick. Some -- like OT Gabe Carimi -- seem very possible. Others -- like Muhammad Wilkerson -- don't seem as possible.

But I came up with a list grouped by position of the players that I think are in that conversation and ended with 14 names. A couple of names will probably surprise you but most are ones we've been talking about the last couple of months. If I'm forgetting someone, drop their name in the comments.

Here's my list of possible Chiefs first round picks:

Offensive tackle: Gabe Carimi, Derek Sherrod, Anthony Castonzo, Nate Solder

Offensive guard/center: Mike Pouncey, Stefan Wisniewski

Wide receiver: Leonard Hankerson, Torrey Smith

Running back: Mark Ingram

Defensive end: Muhammad Wilkerson

Nose tackle: Phil Taylor

Outside linebacker: Aldon Smith, Akeem Ayers, Jabaal Sheard, Brooks Reed, Ryan Kerrigan