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NFL Draft 2011: Mel Kiper's Big Board Starts With...

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ESPN's Mel Kiper has released his final big board of the 2011 NFL draft season so I wanted to take a look at his final thoughts on this draft class. 

Here are a few things that stood out to me:

-The answer to the headline: CB Patrick Peterson.

-He has Illinois DT Corey Liuget as the 11th best prospect in the draft. The Chiefs worked Liuget out on the Illinois campus so he's at least on their radar. In contrast, Bill Parcells had Liuget as a second round prospect.

-The top three are CB Patrick Peterson, LB Von Miller and WR A.J. Green. Are those the three safest picks in the draft? Mel Kiper thinks so. I think I'd agree. DT Marcell Dareus is close but it seems defensive tackles are a little harder to project.

-Speaking of Dareus, he moved ahead of DT Nick Fairley in Kiper's rankings this week. They're now ranked No. 4 and No. 5. 

-DE Da'Quan Bowers is the sixth best prospect. He had some knee issues so he may fall. In fact, some smart people are wondering if he will fall out of the first round. That seems hard to fathom but medical issues scare a lot of teams off. 

-DE Ryan Kerrigan is the 24th ranked prospect. I've seen him higher at some other places and I think he's on the Chiefs radar (although I have no proof to back that up). Interesting ranking. 

-Three quarterbacks are in his top 25: QB Blaine Gabbert (14), QB Cam Newton (15) and QB Jake Locker (25).