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Chiefs Players Can Only Go To Their Locker Room At Arrowhead

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Throughout the process of this NFL lockout an unlikely name has emerged as the unofficial spokesman for the Kansas City Chiefs players -- Rudy Niswanger.

I say that because on his Twitter account (@RudyNiswanger) he's been more active than any other players answering fans' questions about the lockout and giving us the players' perspective of it all. He's also been making appearances on both 610 Sports and 810 WHB in Kansas City talking about the lockout so many Chiefs fans are getting the players' view of things from Niswanger. 

On Tuesday evening, he appeared on 810 WHB's Between The Lines with Kevin Kietzmann and on Wednesday morning he talked with Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports. [Editor's note: If I owned a radio station in KC, I would try to sign him up exclusively for my station so that I have the very best information from the players side of things because this lockout talk isn't going anywhere for a while.]

As we know by now, Chiefs players have been advised not to show up to the facility. Niswanger told Fescoe this morning that they were contacted by the Chiefs informing them of what portions of the facility would be open if they did decide to show up.

"I would love to get in there and see the equpiment guys, the coaches, the training room but you know they've already informed us through our contact with human resources that the only part of the facility that will be open will be our locker room," Niswanger said.

"Speaking to coaches, trainers, getting a work out in -- all of that will be closed. We want to give them the time to work out the particulars of this lockout issue."

So if players did want to show up, they could only hang out in the locker room, and not meet with coaches or work out.