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NFL Draft Predictions: Chiefs Fans Now Saying Linebacker

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It's always interesting to see what fans think their team will do in the 2011 NFL draft. From the end of the season in January to the day of the draft in late April, what we want to see for the Kansas City Chiefs on draft day changes.

I went back and looked at a poll we ran on April 11 asking Chiefs fans which position we want the team to address in the first round of the draft. There are some changes from the poll we posted yesterday.

Here are those April 11 results: Defensive tackle (31%), linebacker (20%), offensive tackle (19%), trade (13%), wide receiver (8%), defensive end (3%) and center (1%).

Clearly, defensive tackle -- or nose tackle -- was the big winner with linebacker and offensive tackle a close second.

On Wednesday, Chris posted another poll asking the same question.

Here are those results: Linebacker (24%), offensive tackle (22%), defensive tackle (18%), trade (12%), wide receiver (9%), center (3%), defensive end (2%) and tight end (1%).

[Note: that poll is still open so those results could change a little bit.]

So it looks like linebacker is making a late surge as the top position Chiefs fans want to see addressed. But those three positions -- linebacker, offensive tackle and defensive tackle -- have remained fairly close throughout the process. Those would be out top three positions we'd like to see addressed.

And of course you always have a segment of fans that want to see a trade -- either moving up to acquire someone or moving back and collecting more picks.